Doom Anthology APK

Version: 1.0.7 for Android, Windows PC, Mac.

Updated on: 2023-12-24

Author: Capsule Corp.

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App details

Version: 1.0.7
App size: 1 MB
Category: Arcade

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We release traditional Doom here!... read more

App Description:

[Content of this game]
Here you get a traditional 3D shooting game, trilogy of Doom!
We... read more


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Installation instructions

Doom Anthology works on any Android devices (requires Android 2.3 or later). You can also install and run this application on your PC or Mac by using an Android emulator app. Here's how to do it:

Install Doom Anthology on Android devices

Select one of the two options below, depending on the type of file you downloaded from this page.

Install APK file

Find and select the APK file. Tap 'Install' when the APK installer menu shows up. Afterwards, complete the installation by following any additional instructions that appear on-screen.

Install XAPK file

To install a .XAPK file, first download and install the Split APKs Installer (SAI) application. Then, open the SAI app and choose the "Install APKs/XAPK" option. Locate the .XAPK file you wish to install and click 'Install.'

Install Doom Anthology on Windows 10/11 and Mac

This app can be operated on a computer with an Android emulator. While there are various emulators available, this tutorial uses BlueStacks, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems.

Installing BlueStacks is straightforward. Simply download the installer from the BlueStacks website and run it. Be aware that the installer is large and setting up the engine might take some time.

If you don't have other programs associated with APK/XAPK file types, BlueStacks will open these files by default. To install an app, either double-click the APK/XAPK file or drag-and-drop it onto the BlueStacks home screen. Then, confirm the installation. Once installed, the app will appear on the BlueStacks home screen.

That's all! You've now successfully installed Doom Anthology on your PC Windows and Mac using BlueStacks.

If you have any questions, please post them in the discussion section below.


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Older versions

1.0.7 (1)2023-12-24
[Content of this game]
Here you get a traditional 3D shooting game, trilogy of Doom!
We compile first of all "Doom sharing", second "Plutonia Experiment" and third "Evilution".
The player boards the fortress of the enemy in the middle of a crisis and performs a battle isolated.He clears important points one by one and if he controls the fight against the boss a glorious peace visits.
Despite the level of this game's difficulty, you can always enjoy the battle filled with thrill and excitement and you can feel of achievement to capture a stage.
In beautiful graphics, let's try hard until you get laurels while resting here and there the stage.
Let's boot this game and install trilogy of Doom(*1) and look out on a holy war!
*1 If you tap the button of setting of this game and tap "Install Game" from setting menu and install three games one by one, and you can play all of trilogy to tap "Start Game".

[Manipulation of this game]
If you select "Navigation" from setting menu and tap "Touch" mode, touch panel is displayed.
If you select a menu of this game(*1) by tapping up and down cursor keys and tap a right space next to the right cursor(*2), the menu is executed.
*1 The menu of this game is displayed by touching Android's "Go Back" button.
*2 The right space next to the right cursor is interacted to an entering key.
There is a map key, an opening key and left and right step keys each other next to cross cursor keys.You use these keys during executing this game.
If you tap any spaces with the exception of touch keys a gun is fired.
If you want to save the game you input the name of saving(*) from "Save Game" menu, and if you want to load a game you can restart the game by selecting the name of loading from "Load Game" menu.
* The left and right cursor keys at the bottom is interacted to ","(comma) and "."(period) each other and you input the name by using these terms.
If you want to quit the game you can finish the game application by tapping "Exit" button on setting menu or tap map button 5 times.
We release traditional Doom here!