Kỳ Nữ Hoàng Cung 2 APK

Version: 1.0.8 for Android, Windows PC, Mac.

Updated on: 2024-03-03

Author: Funtap.vn

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App details

Version: 1.0.8
App size: 649.3 MB
Category: Role Playing

Latest updates:

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App Description:

Queen of the Royal Palace 2 - Royal Palace Love Story Game from NPH Funtap
Travel into the... read more


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Installation instructions

Kỳ Nữ Hoàng Cung 2 works on any Android devices (requires Android 5.0 or later). You can also install and run this application on your PC or Mac by using an Android emulator app. Here's how to do it:

Install Kỳ Nữ Hoàng Cung 2 on Android devices

Select one of the two options below, depending on the type of file you downloaded from this page.

Install APK file

Find and select the APK file. Tap 'Install' when the APK installer menu shows up. Afterwards, complete the installation by following any additional instructions that appear on-screen.

Install XAPK file

To install a .XAPK file, first download and install the Split APKs Installer (SAI) application. Then, open the SAI app and choose the "Install APKs/XAPK" option. Locate the .XAPK file you wish to install and click 'Install.'

Install Kỳ Nữ Hoàng Cung 2 on Windows 10/11 and Mac

This app can be operated on a computer with an Android emulator. While there are various emulators available, this tutorial uses BlueStacks, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems.

Installing BlueStacks is straightforward. Simply download the installer from the BlueStacks website and run it. Be aware that the installer is large and setting up the engine might take some time.

If you don't have other programs associated with APK/XAPK file types, BlueStacks will open these files by default. To install an app, either double-click the APK/XAPK file or drag-and-drop it onto the BlueStacks home screen. Then, confirm the installation. Once installed, the app will appear on the BlueStacks home screen.

That's all! You've now successfully installed Kỳ Nữ Hoàng Cung 2 on your PC Windows and Mac using BlueStacks.

If you have any questions, please post them in the discussion section below.


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Older versions

1.0.8 (8)2024-03-03
Queen of the Royal Palace 2 - Royal Palace Love Story Game from NPH Funtap
Travel into the world of authentic ancient palaces, live the royal dream of the Qing Dynasty, experience dramatic palace battles, and choose your own destiny.

Ky Nu Hoang Cung 2 helps you own exquisite and magnificent ancient fashion outfits, showing off your ultimate ability to coordinate outfits, deciding the direction of the palace fighting story. Besides, you can also immerse yourself in the world of love in the ancient royal palace. What are you waiting for? Download the game right away!

Game features:

Hoa Le Fashion
The system of ancient fashion is rich and diverse with more than 300 meticulously crafted costumes. Materials can be used to upgrade super rare ancient fashion outfits, adding eye-catching vivid effects, helping you become a star in the royal palace. Hundreds of thousands of outfits, billions of ways to coordinate outfits, even the server has to stop to look at your outfit inventory.

Gia Vien Construction
Owning your own house, upgrading the interior to luxurious sophistication, being able to grow herbs, and settling down in the world of historical and archery mobile games has never been easier!

Love Blooms
Pair up with the Princes, discover the mystery of the harem, destroy all schemes, meet people of life and death. Immerse yourself in the love story, learn more about the secrets of the characters, talented and beautiful girls date under the moonlight, who will this love be sent to?

Palace of Struggle for Position
The harem is as deep as the sea, the plots are unpredictable, the traps are many. Don't listen to fate's arrangements, use your talent and beauty to solve the hidden struggles, from an ordinary girl in a historical love story to becoming a confidant of the Queen Mother, caught up in the fight. Marrying with the Queen even though she is not a concubine. Not only that, he also discovered a shocking secret about his father's background as well as the truth about his own background and the reason for traveling to the Qing Dynasty royal palace.

Tam Cung Luc Vien
Taking advantage of the opportunity to socialize with love-loving women from all over, the sisters unanimously devoted their efforts, working side by side to build a strong harem, experience holding chess and drawing, and enjoy the palace life.

Recruit Companion
Collect familiar characters appearing in a series of famous palace love dramas, increase your power, and strengthen your position in the harem. Accompanied by dedication, sacrificed for you, very loyal, devoted, never betraying.
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