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Updated on: 2024-03-07

Author: Estudios bíblicos, devocionales y Teología

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Version: 2.0.21
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The systematic theology , which includes branches as doctrinal theology, dogmatic theolog... read more


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Older versions

2.0.21 (21)2024-03-07
2.0.20 (20)2023-12-09
2.0.19 (19)2023-05-04
2.0.18 (18)2022-12-04
2.0.0 (17)2021-05-07
16.0.0 (16)2021-04-21
14.0.0 (14)2021-02-25
13.0.0 (13)2021-02-02
The systematic theology , which includes branches as doctrinal theology, dogmatic theology is the discipline of Christian theology which formulates an orderly description, rational and coherent faith and Christian beliefs. It gathers the information taken from theological research, organize them in related fields, explains the apparent contradictions and, therefore, provides a great system.

The systematic theology is also often linked to Christian apologetics, which serves, in the theological confrontation between different religions and heresies, defend the doctrine of the Christian confession in question.

The word "theology" comes from two Greek words meaning "God" and "word." Combined, we have the word "theology", which means "study of God." The word "systematic" refers to something we put into a system. Systematic theology is, then, the division of theology into systems that explain its various areas.

➜ Learn and expand your Bible knowledge with this wonderful application. God bless you.

Systematic Biblical Theology is made up of the following questions:
✞ A theological confrontation
- The nature of the doctrine
- The doctrine of value
- The doctrine of classification
- A system of doctrine

✞ I: The Scriptures
- The need of the Scriptures
- Inspiration of Scripture
- Verification of Scripture

✞ II: God
- The existence of God
- The nature of God.
- God's attributes
- The Triune God

✞ III: Angels
- The angels
- Satan
- Evil Spirits

✞ IV: The Man
- The origin of man
- The nature of man
- The image of God in man

✞ V: Sin
- The fact of sin
- The origin of sin
- The nature of sin
- Consequences of Sin

✞ VI: The Lord Jesus Christ
- The nature of Christ.
- The offices of Christ
- The work of Christ

✞ VII: The Atonement
- The Atonement in the Old Testament
- The Atonement in the New Testament

✞ VIII Salvation
- The nature of salvation
- The Reason
- Regeneration
- Sanctification
- Security of Salvation

✞ IX: The Holy Spirit
- The nature of the Holy Spirit.
- The Spirit in the Old Testament
- The Spirit in Christ.
- The Spirit in human experience.
- The Gifts of the Holy Spirit
- The Spirit in the Church

✞ X: The Church
- The nature of the Church
- The Church Foundation
- Church members.
- The work of the Church
- The Church's ordinances
- The Church of Worship.
- Organization of the Church

✞ XI: The last things
- The death
- The intermediate state.
- The Resurrection.
- The future life.
- The fate of the righteous.
- The fate of the wicked.
- The second coming of Christ.

ahora discharge systematic biblical theology and you have at your disposal a great tool to learn and know more about the doctrines of the Bible.

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