Version: 14.3 for Android, Windows PC, Mac.

Updated on: 2024-01-13

Author: ilker Aktuna

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App details

Version: 14.3
App size: 8.1 MB
Category: Tools

Latest updates:

Added Wire Pod Support

Please clean storage (data) of the app if you are going to c... read more

App Description:

This is a control app for Anki Vector which also lets you use it as a moving security came... read more


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Installation instructions

Vector CTRL works on any Android devices (requires Android 5.0 or later). You can also install and run this application on your PC or Mac by using an Android emulator app. Here's how to do it:

Install Vector CTRL on Android devices

Select one of the two options below, depending on the type of file you downloaded from this page.

Install APK file

Find and select the APK file. Tap 'Install' when the APK installer menu shows up. Afterwards, complete the installation by following any additional instructions that appear on-screen.

Install XAPK file

To install a .XAPK file, first download and install the Split APKs Installer (SAI) application. Then, open the SAI app and choose the "Install APKs/XAPK" option. Locate the .XAPK file you wish to install and click 'Install.'

Install Vector CTRL on Windows 10/11 and Mac

This app can be operated on a computer with an Android emulator. While there are various emulators available, this tutorial uses BlueStacks, which is compatible with both Mac and Windows systems.

Installing BlueStacks is straightforward. Simply download the installer from the BlueStacks website and run it. Be aware that the installer is large and setting up the engine might take some time.

If you don't have other programs associated with APK/XAPK file types, BlueStacks will open these files by default. To install an app, either double-click the APK/XAPK file or drag-and-drop it onto the BlueStacks home screen. Then, confirm the installation. Once installed, the app will appear on the BlueStacks home screen.

That's all! You've now successfully installed Vector CTRL on your PC Windows and Mac using BlueStacks.

If you have any questions, please post them in the discussion section below.


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Older versions

14.3 (143)2024-01-13
14.0 (140)2023-12-10
12.3 (123)2022-12-08
This is a control app for Anki Vector which also lets you use it as a moving security camera.

It currently lets you control Vector;
- live Camera feed display from Vector
- say whatever you write on the text field
(in 2 different voice)
- move forward, backward
- turn left , turn right
- set speed for move
- move head up/down
- move lift up/down
- adjust move speed
- set Vector’s eye color , picking from a nice color picker
- see battery level and voltage of Vector

More functions will be added later:
- audio feed (voice from Vector’s environment) will be added , if possible
- take photo and save to phone memory
- save video file to phone memory
- patrol mode


To get the IP address, vector serial number ,

1. Put the Vector on its dock (turned on and powered via USB)
2. Press Vector’s button 2 times. (you will see the Vector name)
3. Lift up Vector’s lift and put it down
4. You will see ;
a. Vector serial on 1st line
b. IP address on 4th line


You have to enter your username (email) and password for the Anki account and then enter the local IP address of Vector.
These 3 settings let you make Vector say whatever you like.
When you set these 3 fields correctly, first hit "Set" button to get the GUID for access. Then fill in the "Say" text field and hit "Say".

To make it move, you need additional settings:
- Vector's name
- Vector's serial

When you fill in all 5 of the settings , please hit "set"

Then, to begin moving Vector, please press "connect for move"

If your Vector is powered on and connected network,
if your phone is able to reach Vector with the set IP address (and port),
if you have entered all 5 settings correctly,
You should see direction arrows to control Vector.

After you finish moving Vector , you have to release control to him.
For this purpose, please press "disconnect" button.

You can also use it when you are away from home. You just have to;

1. map Vector’s tcp 443 port to an available port on your router
2. make this port accessible from external network
3. get a static IP or dynamic DNS service so that you can access your router from anywhere
(for example if your Vector has IP address , map 444 port of your router to port 443. then access your router’s external IP or DNS name and change the port on the app to 444)
Added Wire Pod Support

Please clean storage (data) of the app if you are going to change from DDL to Wire Pod
Then click "Wirepod" checkbox in the settings screen. When it is selected, pod IP field will be visible. It will try to find pod IP using the "escapepod" local name. If that does not work fast, you can try disabling and re-enabling the wirepod checkbox, or manually enter IP.
Fill in any other required inputs and click "set" and move on to the connect page.